450,000 Children Run Away From Home Each Year

1 out of 3 will be recruited into prostitution within 24-48 of leaving home.


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A Warrior Woman Fighting
For The Helpless

The Regnier Foundation, under the guidance of founder, Nanci Regnier, is an advocacy group seeking to provide safe housing for victims of sex trafficking. While the shortage is vast, Nanci will leverage her real estate expertise and channel donations toward the purchase of properties suitable for safe housing and supportive services to be managed by organizations already dedicated to combating the evils of human trafficking nationwide.

Nanci will tell anyone that she cares deeply about three things: the environment, her community and belonging to both. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors destroys all of these things in the lives of its victims; robbing them of any hope of a normal childhood, dignity or love.

Her Vision and Mission

Nanci’s personal vision didn’t come overnight. It has evolved over the years and crystallized when she realized that the time was right to pursue this mission; always simmering just below the surface. And now she is ready to sound the alarm and tell the story of children who cannot speak for themselves. “No one should ever benefit from another person’s pain, especially that of a child,” she says.

She understands the reluctance that society—and the victims themselves—has to pursue the perpetrators and enablers of sexual violence. They are more likely to be the normal “neighbor next door” than a shady comic book character.

In the United States, sex trafficking has become shockingly domesticated where men fuel the market and drive the demand. The typical “consumer” is a white male in his 40s, married with children, and an average income of $70,000. The average age of the trafficked victim is 12-14 years of age.

These victims need a hero—a champion—and that champion is Nanci Regnier. She has found her calling as a warrior in the fight against human sex trafficking.

The Founder

Nanci is best known for her work on transportation and environmental projects; 14 years providing outreach and public information; as well as over 20 years in real estate investing.

Her professional career started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Denver, and 21 years in the Engineering, Planning, Environmental and Construction arena. Nanci has owned and operated Regnier & Associates, LLC since 2004, which specializes in public outreach and public information services for major transit and transportation infrastructure projects in Colorado, including the Regional Transportation District’s FasTracks Rail Line Program. She has also worked on major projects for the Colorado Department of Transportation, the City and County of Denver and various municipalities throughout the Denver Metro Region.

Additionally, Nanci owns and operates Rebel Property Solutions, a successful real estate investment firm which prides itself as “Revitalizing neighborhoods. One house at a time.”  For each property sold, Rebel Property Solutions LLC donates a percentage of its profits to The Regnier Foundation.

Our Partners

Extended Hands of Hope

Their mission is to offer safe housing and supportive services to sex trafficking survivors, empowering them to move forward with hope and dignity.
Their values: Hope, Community, Excellence, Truth, Perseverance, Safety, Unit.

House of Eli

“What was broken in a home must be healed in a home”. The House of Eli is a nonprofit ministry based in Sherman, Texas serving young men ages 17-21, who are being released from incarceration, aging out of foster care or are homeless. 

Leelou Personal Safety

Leelou is a Personal Safety on Demand and Companion App to keep your loved ones safer with advanced personal safety features you can finally add a sense of calmness knowing you can get help with a simple tap of a SOS alarm button.